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Follow your senses to discover the wonder of The Gift of Kings®

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Discover a legacy that will take your breath away

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Australia and New Zealand is a land devoted to "beautiful wool", passed down for generations.

A lush terrain that gifts its ovine inhabitants with rare fleeces which give rise to fibres for clothes which intrinsically breathe.

The dedication to excellence is palpable in this enchanting kingdom.

Infinite lightness provides superb quality that allows our The Gift of Kings® to be worn in any climate.

Capture the essence
of the finest wool


Our care for every detail is sweet music to your ears

Like the pursuit of any precious gift, we pay the utmost care to the sourcing of our raw materials. A constant and direct support for our breeders has been key to achieve an outstanding level of excellence for over thirty years.

Traditions as old as time that have been told in exquisite detail.

The name of The Gift of Kings® wool was inspired by the Spanish royal family's practice of gifting pairs of merino sheep to other sovereigns to honour relationships and seal alliances. In the second half of the 1700s, the sheep were taken to New Zealand first, then Australia, where the habitat proved ideal. Since then, flocks of merino sheep have been tended to by generations of committed local breeders who have brought the wool to an astounding level of quality and fineness, the very quality and fineness that Loro Piana is passionate about.

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finest of finest.

Our exclusive access to the limited fibre available each year is made into pieces that can be worn in all seasons and never crease.

Observe the impressive diameter of about 12 micron on average.

Starting in 1975, our The Gift of Kings® is looking more and more impeccable.

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second skin

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